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Le Colline

Dressing made from extra virgin olive oil & chilli 250ml

Dressing made from extra virgin olive oil & chilli 250ml

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Il Condimento al Peperoncino was born from the combination and passion for our best olive oil and famous Peperoncino Calabrese .

  • 100% Italian, 100% natural
  • Versatile
  • Hand-picked olives
  • Decanted, not filtered
  • Awarded "Silver" several times
  • Origin: Calabria

Careful and loving preparation results in a unique taste experience after storing chili in the finest extra virgin olive oil for around 15 to 16 weeks . This is followed by a longer decanting period to remove impurities. The olive oil is never filtered as this would have a negative effect on the taste.

Unique flavours: The result is an excellent olive oil with a pleasant spiciness and a finely balanced peperoncino bouquet to enhance fine dishes such as pasta, salad, antipasti, meat and bruschetta.

Try the chili oil with our spaghetti for a delicious " aglio e olio ". Buon appetite!

Best quality thanks to tradition: Our olive oils are not filtered, as this would negatively affect the organoleptic properties. We use the more time-consuming method of decantation, in which impurities settle naturally.

Harmony between taste and nature: The olives are harvested by hand at the perfect time of ripeness, carefully selected and processed within 24 hours to achieve a fine taste and the highest quality.

Awarded worldwide: Their excellence is internationally recognized, our award-winning olive oils have conquered the palates of the most demanding juries. Numerous gold and silver medals confirm their outstanding quality and our dedication to a first-class product.

Le Colline “Dressing made from extra virgin olive oil and chili” has won several awards and is one of the best olive oils in the world.

Ingredients: 90% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 10% natural Peperoncino (Chili) Spicy

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place

Country of origin: Italy

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