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Le Colline

Pasta Fusilli Gluten Free 400g

Pasta Fusilli Gluten Free 400g

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Avoid gluten, not authentic pasta enjoyment.

Discover incomparable Italian pasta art from Le Colline in the gluten-free version.

The unique shape of fusilli makes them ideal for dishes with thick and rich sauces, such as our Arrabbiata sauce ( also available as vegan here ) or pestos , as each spiral generously captures the sauce, for an intense flavour experience in every bite. Their versatility also makes them perfect for pasta salads, cold dishes and casseroles.

- Only 3 ingredients: corn flour, rice flour, water.
- 100% Gluten free - 100% Italian -100% Vegan
- Without genetic engineering (GMO)
- Authentic taste
- Does not overcook
- Perfect consistency “Al Dente”

Our pasta is created by experienced “ Maestri Pastai ” (pasta masters) who are dedicated to producing a product that reflects the passion for authentic Italian cuisine.

100% Italian ingredients, without GMOs: we only select the best for you. The rice and corn flours we use come exclusively from Italy. Quality is at the heart of every production phase, from the field to the table. Enjoy a healthy product made from natural ingredients without GMOs.

Craftsmanship at the heart of production: every step of our production is imbued with craftsmanship and tradition. Our pasta masters work with dedication to achieve a perfect consistency and authentic taste.

Choose our gluten-free pasta for a culinary journey that suits your lifestyle.

Order today and let yourself be transported to the heart of Italian tradition, gluten-free but full of flavour.

Choosing gluten-free has never been easier.

Cooking time: 9-10 minutes

Our cooking tip : to give the pasta an optimal taste, always cook it in plenty of well-salted water.

Country of origin: Italy

Ingredients: corn (90%) and rice (10%) flour, water.
It contains no allergens
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

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