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Le Colline

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Lemon Dressing 250ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Lemon Dressing 250ml

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Il Condimento al Limone was born from the passion for our best olive oil with another excellent variant combining the scent and taste of our sun-ripened lemons .

Careful and loving preparation creates a unique taste experience after storing lemon slices from our own cultivation in the finest extra virgin olive oil for around 15 to 16 weeks. This is followed by a longer decantation to remove impurities. The olive oil is never filtered as this would negatively affect the taste.

The result is an excellent olive oil with a perfectly and finely balanced lemon bouquet to enhance fine dishes such as salads, antipasti, fish, meat and bruschettes. Buon Appetito!

The vitamin C contained in lemons is a powerful antioxidant. It protects our cells from free radicals that arise from the body's own processes and external factors. Free radicals accelerate the aging process, trigger inflammatory reactions and can trigger chronic diseases.

100% Italian - 100% Vegan - 100% Gluten Free

Why Le Colline?

Le Colline attaches great importance to preserving tradition.

-We pick the olives exclusively by hand.

-The olives are processed within 24 hours.

-The pressing is carried out classically using so-called cold pressing with limited pressing pressure.

Le Colline “Dressing made from extra virgin olive oil and lemon ” has won several awards and is one of the best olive oils in the world.

2018 Gold Medal - 2019 Silver Medal - 2021 Gold Medal

Ingredients: 80% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 20% Lemon

Storage: Store in a cool , dark place

Country of origin: Italy

Nutritional values ​​- 100 g contains average

Calorific value 3757kj/900 kcal

Fat 100 g

of which saturated fatty acids 13g

Carbohydrates 0 g

of which sugar 0 g

Protein 0 g

Salt 0 g

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